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    Fabio Aranzulla Soeren Baptism Julie Batteux Henry Boebst Taissa Fromme Elisa Goldammer Sina Guntermann Biniam Graffé Inka Hilsenbek Anna Hofmann Tobias Huschka Johann Husser Sarah Letalik Antonia Koerfer Christian Limber Felix Miebach Meike Männel Louisa-Marie Nübel Julia Perkuhn Xiaoyue Pu Anna Rupp Robert Schittko Jannis Uffrecht Stella Weisel Lilith Wolf


    June 26 2020

    In my hands presents the latest edition „IT´S A PHOTO love story“ with an exhibition at the Strizzi.space. 25 young artists will present an intimate insight into their life and visual thought process. They will take us on a journey of moments and encounters between direct and unapproachable contacts. In black and white we will see concrete, light and shadows or just silhouettes until the image space appears to dissolve. The first look widens for a new but close mystery. The discoveries lie invisible behind visible in the virtual space, telling of nature, friendship, desire, past and constant.

    To be seen in other hands by other eyes is IN MY HANDS a photography magazine for young artist to show the variety, perseverance, thoughtfulness, inspiration, creativity, defiance and curiosity of photography. With the 4th edition „IT´S A PHOTO love story“ held at the Strizzi.space, IN MY HANDS presented for the first time a thematically curated exhibition which invited visitors to be become part of this project, by curating their own love story magazine on site.

    With photographs by:
    Fabio Aranzulla, Soeren Baptism, Julie Batteux, Henry Boebst, Taissa Fromme, Elisa Goldammer, Sina Guntermann, Biniam Graffé, Inka Hilsenbek, Anna Hofmann, Tobias Huschka, Johann Husser, Sarah Letalik, Antonia Koerfer, Christian Limber, Felix Miebach, Meike Männel, Louisa-Marie Nübel, Julia Perkuhn, Xiaoyue Pu, Anna Rupp, Robert Schittko, Jannis Uffrecht, Stella Weisel, Lilith Wolf

    Music by our favourite Dj Team "Dj Ich liebte dich“

    We do it, but we do it soft! This is a soft opening, please bring your mask with you and pay attention to a distance of 2 meters. Please be patient, because unfortunately, only a small number of visitors can enter the room.
    Already today we would like to thank you for your understanding and look forward to a great evening with you to celebrate the latest Issue of IN MY HANDS!