Palermo Stupor Mundi

Andrea Parlato, Michele Bubacco und Riccardo Brugnone

Eröffnung: 22.03.2019 • 19.00 Uhr

Laufzeit: 23.03 - 05.04.2019

Die Geschichte von Palermo ist gekennzeichnet von vielen Einflüssen unterschiedlicher Kulturen und künstlerischer Techniken. Bis heute bestimmen feine Verflechtungen dieser verschiedenen Ideen und Philosophien das Bild und Leben in der Metropole am Rande Europas. Große Ströme der Migration und diverse Umweltprobleme stellen jetzt neue Herausforderungen an die italienische Kulturhauptstadt 2018.

Die italienischen Künstler Andrea Parlato, Michele Bubacco und Riccardo Brugnone folgen diesen Spuren. Ausgangspunkt ist das Material Stoff, das in der Geschichte Palermos seit Jahrhunderten Zeuge von Koexistenz verschiedener Kulturen und Völker ist.

The history of Palermo is characterized by many influences of different cultures and artistic techniques. As Capital of Culture in 2018 and Unesco World Heritage Site for the Arab-Norman circuit, til today it reflects this intertwining of various mindmaps and philosophies.

Italian artists Andrea Parlato, Michele Bubacco and Riccardo Brugnone are following these traces, starting from one vision of art as a tool for integration and of the fabric as a material that witnesses the peaceful coexistence of peoples and cultures.

The fabric is used by the artists as a matter of connection between different cultures and populations, which triggers cycles of art and artistic exchange.

Andrea Parlato, born 1981, is a surgeon, orthopedist and holds a Ph.D. in Neuroscience. He has attended the Polimoda of Florence in 2016, specializing in embroidery design and silk-screen printing on fabric. He has designed many collections of fabrics for trousseau sets, fashion accessories and artistic works including a silk-screen work with Michele Bubacco, exhibited for the “Vie dei Tesori” festival in 2017.

Michele Bubacco, born 1983, works and lives in Vienna. His works were shown in national and international solo/group exhibitions.

Mad Cow, Sanatorium Gallery, Vienna, (Austria) //
Angry boys, Rompone Galerie, Cologne (Germany) //
Manhood, group exhibition, Litvak contemporary, Tel Aviv, (Israel) // Fuck-simile, solo exhibition, galleria Alessandro Casciaro, Bolzano (Italy) // Un-becoming, group exhibition, Fridman gallery (USA) // Premio fondazione vaf - Posizioni attuali dell’arte italiana, group exhibition, MACRO museum of contemporary art, Rome (Italy) // Danse macabre, two person exhibition, Louis B James Gallery, New York City (USA)

Riccardo Brugnone, born 1974, works and lives in Palermo.
His works were shown in national and international solo/group exhibitions.


Il Grande Diluvio, a cura di Francesco Piazza, Giuseppe Veniero Project Space, Palermo // Acqua/Luce/Gas, Libreria Easy reader, Palermo // Dialogica. Atemporali Connessioni Contemporanee a cura di Francesco Piazza, Galleria Regionale di palazzo Bellomo, Siracusa // Camera Doppia a cura di Virginia Glorioso galleria XXS Aperto al contemporaneo // Travisibile a cura di Francesco Piazza e Antonio vitale, Spazio Vitale, Catania // Tutti dormono, a cura di Virginia Glorioso, Orto botanico di Palermo // Die Grosse a cura di Michael Kortlander, Düsseldorf

Picture: Giovanni Villani, Nuova Cronica, 14. Jahrhundert