Playing around

katze und krieg

Eröffnung: 14.08.2020 • 15.00 Uhr

Laufzeit: 14.08.2020–30.08.2020

The Cologne-based artists Julia Dick and katharinajej have been working together as a duo under the moniker katze und krieg since 2007. In slow motion and clad in the most beautiful ball dresses they go shopping at the supermarket, or, they scream their heads off while beating the hell out of fences and street light posts in the clean and tidy neighbourhoods of the city - just in order to release their reawakened “inner animality” - or use a landing net and rod to catch passersby for their harem. Their interventions have been realized in German-speaking countries as well as internationally.

At Köttinspektionen katze und krieg are showing a selection of documentation videos of their performance work and on a wide screen. On the course of the opening weekend a limited group of visitors is allowed to take place of the interim showing of their new performance playing around.

interim showing of the performance:

playing around

no expectations
no judgements
no planning
no aim
no pressure
no manipulation
no compulsion
no power
no superiority
no meaning
no theory
no foreknowledge
no rigidity
no past
no future
no intent
no severity

katze und krieg are playing around in public space. They use what they find at situ, barefoot, open for what`s about to happen. Come and witness their play!

Maximum 10 visitors are allowed to follow the outdoor performance on the 14th of August, 4 pm.
Please sign up to take part of the performance. Write an email to: köttinpsektionen The exhibition will be on view from August 14 – 30, 2020 the opening is on August 14, 3 – 7 pm.

Visit the artist duo’s website for further information: